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By Halfdeck (Last Updated August 15, 2005 )

Mia, Amanda, and Alison at We Live Together

Mia (left) and Amanda (center) and Alisa (right) Image Courtesy of We Live Together


We Live Together is a girl+girl reality porn site featuring mostly amateur girls brought to you by Nasty Dollars, the creator of ne of the most well known reality porn site in online history - MILF Hunter. The site revolves around a couple of coed girls roaming everywhere down in Miami, Florida hunting for other girls to bring home and devour from tit to pussy. Just like in other mainstream reality shows, We Live Together releases a new episode every week. In two years since the site's conception, they have stacked up over 91 episodes under their belt.

We Live Together review screen capture

Each episode is divided into 3-4 sets, and each set is divided into clips lasting 59 seconds. Each thumbnail in this screencap represents one video clip.

We Live Together Girls

Most of the girls in We Live Together are amateur girls you probably haven't seen much before. A few well-known faces occasionally make cameo appearances, however, including Penny Flame, Jessica Jaymes, Monique Alexander, Nikki Love, Terri Summers, Charlie, Tanya James, and Riley.You can see a partial list of the girls who appeared on We Live Together so far. Although the stars detract from the reality theme, you'll nevertheless enjoy seeing these familiar faces in street clothes sitting at a restaurant table sipping cream soda or dipping their spoons into a hot fudge sundae. Riley especially looks cool in her sunglasses, and Penny Flame with her super-goofy facial expressions and black and loose hip-hop hat still manages to look extremely cute. Seeing these girls having sex with amateur teens will make you realize how extraordinarily good-looking some of these stars really are.

How REAL is the action?

The reality aspect of the site shines through at the beginning of each episode, where you see the girls roller skating, looking through racks of lingerie at a clothes store, playing at a miniature golf-course, or just strolling together by the beach in bright sunlight under rows of tall palm trees. You won't see these girls strutting about in sexy lingerie or in some outlandish outfits like you might in an Adam & Eve film.


The photos accompanying the videos are all approximately 640x480, good to browse through or ZIP download as souvenirs or mementos of the fun you had while watching the episodes. The outdoor night shots unfortunately all have that "red pupil" effect but the other shots are worth a look. There are some undeniably dazzling shots of the girls outdoors as well as some gratifying hardcore threesome shots where you will see faces of girls buried between thighs and ass. Unfortunately, no slideshow is available for the photos.

What Happens

The girls chat and giggle alot in the beginning, which can either bore you to death or add to the reality of the scenes. When the real action gets going (usually around clip 20), you will have your dick out of your pants. Lots of moaning, close up shots of tongues on pussy and fingers spreading pussy lips wide open. You'll see close ups of clit flap around as a girl's tongue lashes left and right at it. There's pleasure to be had of seeing four giggling chicks turn into two four naked female bodies locked in double 69 with four tongues and mouths devouring four cunt lips.

Penny Flame in We Live Together
MPG Video capture at original resolution 352x240.

Video Quality

The mpg video clips plays at a flawless frame rate at 352x240 resolution . At 100% the image is sharp, it's watchable at 200% and although there's some obvious blocks and pixalation, it's still not unenjoyable to watch at full screen. Tranfer rate for me was around 170kb/s on DSL.

There's one slight problem: the MPGs only come in 59-second clips. You also have the option of downloading the set in one WMV clip, but the WMV version runs at around 350kbps CBR, and with a choppy frame rate, the video quality is not nearly as good as the MPG version. So, if you're on DSL/Cable, you'll end up downloading about 30-40 clips to watch one episode.

For dial-up users, We Live Together also offers WMV streams that run at a miniscule 176x132 screen resolution with audio that sounds like it's coming through a metallic pipe. Avoid it at all costs.

We Live Together review screen cap
Low Bandwidth Stream Screen. Video plays immediately at 176x132.
We Live Together review high bandwidth stream screen capture
High bandwidth stream screen, 352x240 resolution, runs at around 350kbps.


The audio is fine when indoors, but not so great when the action takes place outdoors. If you're on dial-up and streaming the low-bandwidth version, turn your audio off. There's no background music at all, which is almost a necessary evil in reality porn.

The biggest and only real caveat, in terms of audio, is the camera man who talks over the beginning of each scene. Unlike MILF Hunter, where the camera man is Hunter's partner in crime, in We Live Together, a talking camera man puts a crease in the scenes which are supposed to be all-girl action.


First, there should be an option to download one episode in one single mpg file. To watch the best quality version of each episode, you'll have to download 40 mpg video clips, then create a playlist in WMP. Second, depending on your taste, you may find the camera man talking to the girls at the beginning of each episode slightly annoying. Thirdly, the video quality can be improved a bit. Finally, stream download refused to work with Netscape.


We Live Together's exclusive content, weekly new episodes, unique reality theme, and assortment of amateur girls will keep you satisfied for months. When you join We Live Together, you'll also get access to Nasty Dollars' 19 other original, exclusive content sites in the All Sites Access network, like MILF Hunter and In the VIP to name just a few. Avoid the trial option, though -- it recurs at $40 a month instead of the regular $25.




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